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AL MILADI GLOBAL MANPOWER SERVICES is one of the leading Human Resources and Recruitment Consultants in the Sultanate. We are involved in the field of recruiting qualified, professional and skilled people across a wide range of specialized industries and professions.

Who Are We?

Essentially, we are the middlemen between jobseekers and employers, inside and outside Oman. We work on behalf of employers to find suitable candidates and to fill their vacancies with the best possible talent. Plus, we will work alongside candidates looking out for possible vacancies. This can also involve proactively contacting companies to advise them of any candidates who may be able to profit their business. The agency is only paid when they place a candidate, so it is in our best interest to ensure you find a role that is perfect for you. We can provide you candidates locally and from one of the countries we have database in (Click here) -the countries page we work with


Learn More About Our Working Process.


The consultant will gather as much information on the role they are hiring, for example, what duties and responsibilities will the successful candidate have?


There are numerous ways to source the best-suited candidates for the role such as our own personal database, promoting the vacancy online.

Identifying Viable Candidates

Searching for candidates is only half the battle. What makes recruiters so popular with business’ is our ability to source highly qualified individuals

Telephone Screening

When the correct applicants have been identified, and are very much interested in the position, the first screening stage of the process will take place.

The Interview

It is the big day, and the applicant will now have the chance to go face to face with their potential employer or online.

An Offer

Once the candidate has been deemed suitable and has cleared the selection stages and been offered a position, the process of offer-negotiation will then start.

Corporate Ethics.

Paying attention to business ethics is an important part of any business owner or manager's job.

Trusting HR Consult.

We can help in many ways from recruiting the right people for your business, handling disciplinary matters.

Economy of Scale.

Refer the ability of a business to reduce costs, typically as a result of business size, production size.

Workplace Happiness.

This pursuit turns out to be essential in ensuring a successful and long-lasting company.

Need First-Class HR Services?

Manpower Job Functions

Al Miladi's Goal is to provide the best possiple human resource to our clientele and for almost 35 years of rendering good service to our customer's. we have arranged over 11000 professionals, highly skilled and unskilled workers throughout the country. This was made possible by believing in the following:

- Comply with international and local law in a positive and ethical work enviroment
- Focus on the patner client, as well as on the hard working manpower we bring.
- Ensuring the competent skill set of the worker
- Maintaining an honest work environment within the company and its clientele
- Upholding a strong understanding relationship with the client through a personal connection with the company.
- Sustaining a high standard of hard work and service provided to all our customers.


Here to Help Your Every Business Need.

Spend less time doing HR tasks and focus on what matters. Together we translate HR into Business usefulness.

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