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Step 1 - Profiling

The consultant will gather as much information on the role they are hiring, for example, what duties and responsibilities will the successful candidate have? What skills or abilities are required for the role and where does this role fit in with the wider structure of the business. Usually, a detailed job description is provided to us.

Step 2 – Searching

There are numerous ways to source the best-suited candidates for the role such as our own personal database, promoting the vacancy online and it can be seen by thousands of job seekers. Headhunting on LinkedIn is also extremely popular with us. We as experienced recruiters sometimes have a candidate in mind from previous placements and knowing the market so well.

Step 3 – Identifying Viable Candidates

Searching for candidates is only half the battle. What makes recruiters so popular with business’ is our ability to source highly qualified individuals that may or may not be on the market. Anybody can find candidates, however, the caliber of candidates we are able to source for the company are second to none and takes a lot more work than you think.

Step 4 Telephone Screening

When the correct applicants have been identified, and are very much interested in the position, the first screening stage of the process will take place. Consultants will have a list of maybe 5 – 10 candidates who they will speak to and explain the role in much further detail. This is to see if not only the candidate’s qualifications and skills match the role, but can their attitude match the values of the company too.

Step 5 The Interview

It is the big day, and the applicant will now have the chance to go face to face with their potential employer or online. This can sometimes be a simple process or can be drawn out over weeks with first and second stages. Companies will also run background checks, reference checks, and possibly a credit check as part of the process.

Step 6 An Offer

Once the candidate has been deemed suitable and has cleared the selection stages and been offered a position, the process of offer-negotiation will then start. This is essentially where we will use our bargaining skills and go back and forth with the client to settle the exact salary, bonuses, allowances and any other benefits that can be squeezed in. We as experienced recruiters will sometimes use external market benchmarks to ensure the best deal is met. Occasionally this can happen earlier on during the process, however, often, it is after the interview, ensuring the client can consider what each candidate could bring to the company and generate an appropriate package.

Step 7 Joining the Company

The offer is now closed, and the candidate has been given their start date. However, our job is not over yet. A comprehensive on-boarding process is probably the most important part of all the recruitment stages. We are not talking about filling out a little bit of paperwork and hoping for the best. We will continue to make the candidate/new employee feel wanted until they officially join the organization.

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